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Valquest is the thermostatic shower cartridge that provides the ultimate anti-scald protection.

The Valquest thermostatic shower cartridge is manufactured and tested in the UK, to the most demanding standards.

This anti-scald cartridge has been designed with safety in mind - no more worrying about getting scalded with hot water or shocked with cold water if someone puts the washing machine on! The Valquest patented shower cartridge provides protection against scalding and ensures a constant temperature in your shower - even when the water pressure fluctuates due to other household appliances being used.


The Valquest on-site testing facility makes sure this anti-scald cartridge lives up to its reputation. The research and development team here at Valquest ensure that the design of the thermostatic shower cartridge is constantly evolving in order to perform flawlessly. All Valquest cartridges are manufactured, assembled and tested here in the UK.

When the Valquest shower cartridge is used in conjunction with an approved shower valve body, TMV2/TMV3 compliance will be achieved: in the event of hot or cold water failure, the anti-scald cartridge shuts down within just 1.5 seconds, giving you absolute peace of mind.


The Valquest thermostatic shower cartridge is designed to benefit both homeowners and installers. The cutting-edge design of this anti-scald cartridge means that homeowners are much safer and more effectively protected against accidental scalding, and installers can fit the shower cartridge quickly and easily - saving time and effort.


The Valquest shower cartridge is fully reversible (excluding SC40), meaning that if hot and cold supplies are plumbed the wrong way round, it does not require the tiresome chore of re-plumbing. Simply remove the anti-scald cartridge, turn it 180 degrees and replace.


The Valquest thermostatic shower cartridge is suitable for all types of system: gravity fed, pumped, unvented high pressure or fully modulated combi-boilers.

This patented anti-scald cartridge is highly resistant to calcium build-up and offers excellent flow rates - even at low pressure. The high-performance shower cartridge offers impressive thermostatic control to plus or minus one degree - even if the water pressure fluctuates.